Audience First: Strategic Guide to Conquering Your Target Audience

Audiences are the best-kept secret of modern publishers, and today we will unveil why they are the key to success in the digital age.
Imagine having a loyal audience of readers, just a click away, eager to receive your latest news, updates, and exclusive content. This is the essence of web push notification audiences!
Constant Engagement: Audiences allow you to maintain constant contact with your readers. Send notifications for new articles, special events, or exclusive promotions, keeping your audience engaged and interested.
Effective Segmentation:
Pushloop enables you to divide your audience into segments based on interests or behaviors. This means you can send targeted messages, increasing the relevance and effectiveness of your communications.
Easy Management:
Audience management is simple and intuitive. Additionally, the platform provides valuable analytics to monitor the performance of your campaigns.
Do you want to target your users in an even more detailed way? With the ‘Audience’ section, you can!
To use and select Audiences, follow these few simple steps:

1. From the left menu, select 'Manage Pushes'

2. Click on the green 'Create new push' button

3. After filling out all the necessary fields, you'll reach the 'Audience' section, where you can choose the right user target

However, please note that this feature can only be used after your user audience has formed.
And how does it form, you might ask? Your audience will form based on the content your users interact with, so it will take time before it’s well-established.
For example, people who interact the most with pushes related to politics will be grouped under the ‘Politics’ target.
Furthermore, you have the possibility to create subcategories. For instance, in addition to the ‘Sports’ target, you can add the ‘Football’ target to further divide your users based on their interests.
The more you know about your users’ interests, the better your results will be!
In summary, audiences are a powerful tool for publishers looking to reach their audience quickly, effectively, and with high precision. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase reader engagement, traffic, and loyalty.
Pushloop is a self-service web push notification platform providing comprehensive advertising and optimization solutions for ad agencies, marketers, publishers and e-commerce.

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