Do you already have a subscriber database in another push notification service, but want to continue working with them on Pushloop from now on?
This is possible thanks to a database migration. Below you will find a brief description of the process and answers to frequently asked questions on this topic.
So, how do you start the migration of subscribers? Moving your users to Pushloop will be very simple: Here you can download a detailed guide on how to proceed with the migration of your users.
No, the database migration does not require anything of the sort. Your subscribers have already given consent to receive notifications on their browsers, so nothing will change for them. They will not experience any inconvenience during the transition from one service to another. Furthermore, even if your database is extensive, you can still transfer it quickly. There is no need to rebuild it or wait too long.
When a user grants permission to receive notifications from a particular domain, the service worker file is loaded into their browser.
The service worker is a small JavaScript file that handles the collection of push subscribers and the delivery of push notifications. Usually, it is loaded in the main directory of the domain. As a result, subscriptions are controlled by the browser, service worker, and domain settings. They are not assigned to a specific list. That’s why migrating the database doesn’t simply work by copying/pasting lists of subscribers from one service to another in CSV/Excel format.
Since the database migration process is closely tied to the service worker and its updates on the website, you will transfer the most recent subscribers who revisit your website and receive your messages
It takes about 24 hours to transfer your database, just make sure to select a method with the “trigger” migration message. As for the migration order, it depends on user activity and their interaction with the “trigger” notification sent. Those who return to your website after receiving this message will be the first to be migrated.
If you feel that the migration process is taking longer than expected, let us know via email at and we will assist you in expediting the process.
Yes, you can do that. The process of migrating the old database from any service to Pushloop and collecting new subscribers do not interfere with each other.
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