What is Pushloop?

Founded in 2022, Pushloop is the first Italian platform for web push notifications, offering a loyalty and instant messaging channel aimed at enhancing the performance of partners. Pushloop provides marketing solutions for brands, publishers, agencies, and advertisers, helping them share their content and ads, reaching over 70 million subscribed users.

What do we do?

We spread our expertise in web push notifications, focusing on maximizing the business outcomes for our partners. By fostering loyalty, targeting, and engaging subscribers, we work closely with our clients, helping them achieve their business goals through an innovative solution.

How do you see web push notifications?


How do we do it?

We employ a Martech and data-driven approach to deliver the utmost innovation for every aspect of the digital marketing ecosystem.

We aim to provide an efficient traffic solution based on:


We direct and filter traffic through advanced systems and evaluation criteria for our publishers


We assist you in optimizing your push notifications comprehensively to maximize your results


We develop solutions to automate processes, saving your time and money


Try it for free

You can use all Pushloop features for free for up to 3,000 subscribers.​

Find out about our competitive prices and install Pushloop now.

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Pushloop is a self-service web push notification platform providing comprehensive advertising and optimization solutions for ad agencies, marketers, publishers and e-commerce.

Contact Us

For more info: gaia@valorize.io business@valorize.io
+39 3341052631
Headquarter via Giovanni March, 14/c, 57121 – Livorno – Italy

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